Are you going

to end up where you want?

the best time to change directions is now

Imagine ...
as an individual; as a business; as a community ...

breaking through financial barriers

working because you love to

feeling confident in your decisions

reaching your most important goals

making an impact

being celebrated for who you are

Where do you need breakthrough?

stewardship coaching

In your personal life

Transform your life using industry-leading resources, a personalized success plan, strategic action items, and regular sessions with your certified financial coach and inner healing facilitator ... more

coaching for technology and business design

In your business

Run your business without your business running you through wise technology choices, training, design and development with your certified financial coach and graphic design expert ... more

financial wellness

In your community

Make more progress than can ever be made alone by using our experience and access to extensive resources to craft a solution specific to what your community needs ... more

Experience what happens when you add an expert who holds you accountable and cheers you on

Kathy is a wonderful coach and a great cheerleader to have in your corner. Starting up a business can feel a bit overwhelming! I reached out to Kathy to get some basics in place and she brought me beyond what I had hoped for. Within 3 months, I have a solid structure in place and so much more focus. Kathy's skilled coaching and encouragement has empowered me to believe in my abilities as a capable and confident business woman. — Kim Driedger (Canada)

Faster transformation from where you are to where you dream of being

faster transformation

Deeper reasons for eliminating chaos and distractions

Stay focused on why you are doing what you do

Powerful and Confident decisions that result in a life you love

Learn to make confident decisions

Smoother processes for overcoming stress and celebrating success

Develop processes and systems that work

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"Kathy is knowledgeable and skilled as a financial coach. She is very skilled and graceful when working with clients." — Ron Povaleri

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We do not sell insurance, investments or other financial products. We focus on behavior change that will help you become intentional, equip you with proven success habits, and provide accountability to follow through.

Common Results* from Coaching

Better use of Time and Energy

Efficient Systems and Processes

Cash Flow Improvement

Revenue Smoothing Strategy

Improved Confidence in Money Decisions

Client Tools and Video Modules

Proprietary coaching processes and systems

Online courses

Forms, guides, resources, and support materials

International network of experts available

Access to newly developed resources

Our Training and Growth

118+ Training Modules

Extensive Testing and Mentoring

Responsibility and Ethics Pledge

International Financial Coaching Conference

Ongoing Development and Accountability