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Coaching helps you improve, brings clarity, and gets results faster

What Can Coaching Do For You?

Experience what happens when you add an expert who holds you accountable and cheers you on

Refocus and discover a holistic approach that develops simple, sustainable systems that work for you

Gain control of distractions, chaos, and expenses so you can experience that next level

Set a plan that brings peace, balance, and enjoyment in relationships, work, life, spirituality, and health

"Kathy is knowledgeable and skilled as a financial coach. She is very kind and graceful when working with clients."

Ron Povaleri

Ron Povaleri

Lighted Tunnel Financial Coaching (USA)

What Results are You Looking For?

Let's have a conversation! Finding the right person to help you get those results is extremely important. We want to make sure we're right for you. There's no commitment required.

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If during your Discovery Call, it's determined we're a good fit, we will talk about the best option for you - we have a lot to choose from. You will have 24 hours to let us know if you are In, Out or Need more time. When you're ready to go, just let us know.

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Get ready for a better financial future

Financial Literacy & Accountability | Business Technology & Design Coaching

"Kathy is a wonderful coach and a great cheerleader to have in your corner. Starting up a business can feel a bit overwhelming! I reached out to Kathy to get some basics in place and she brought me beyond what I had hoped for. Within 3 months, I have a solid structure in place and so much more focus. Kathy's skilled coaching and encouragement has empowered me to believe in my abilities as a capable and confident business woman. "

Kim Driedger

Kim Driedger

Spark Growth Coaching (Canada)

We are trained well and held accountable

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Get ready for a better financial future

— Financial Literacy & Accountability | Business Technology & Design Coaching —

Life Without Money Woes

Daylan & Crystal ...
... are comfortable having hard money conversations
... can laugh together about their differences
... have a strong WHY and know their priorities
... experience unity and peace with money

Watch the video to hear what they have to say about working with us

Get ready for a better financial future

— Financial Literacy & Accountability | Business Technology & Design Coaching —

"Kathy is compassionate while keeping you accountable. She equips young entrepreneurs to look and function as a successful business. Run your business with confidence, manage your business finances quickly and effectively, prioritize and systematize administrative must-dos. Have your purpose decide your strategies to run a thriving business that gives you life! "

Lisa Sretenovic

Lisa Sretenovic

Business Coach | CPA (USA)

How to Start

To gain full access to us, our tools, and the resources we have available will require some money and a commitment.

Everyone's journey will be different, and we have a variety of resources we can use for getting excellent results. We have a diverse range of programs available and will create a plan to fit your budget. 

We equip you to go farther, faster

  • Proven Coaching Methodology
  • Customized Instruction & Support
  • Secure Communication Portal
  • Personalized Success Plan
  • Mindset & Personality Assessments
  • Insight into Generational Cycles
financial freedom to enjoy life

A Safe Place to Learn

Ryan & Jenna were given tools to organize themselves and developed habits that stuck. Coaching gave them a safe place to speak candidly about finances with someone who is not emotionally attached to their decisions. 

Watch the video to find out about their experience working with us

"There were several things that I had either not considered, or was simply very good to refresh and build upon. Things that were relevant to me or will be in the near future like buying a car, housing or interesting topics like insurance, identity theft or compound interest were reasons why this class was quite a good tool that I'll be able to use in the near future. "

Money Mavericks Student

Money Mavericks Student

Teenager (Canada)

Get ready for a better financial future

— Financial Literacy & Accountability | Business Technology & Design Coaching —


We do not sell insurance, investments, or other financial products. We focus on behavior change that will help you become intentional, equip you with proven success habits, and provide accountability to follow through.

We will answer all your questions during your free, no obligation Discovery Call. Some common ones are listed below.

Financial Coaching give you direction and support

Coaching cuts through all the generic financial tips, suggestions, and advice to deliver the information that's right for you in a way you can understand it. It allows for customized solutions, creative problem solving, and the accountability needed to bring sustainable results.

We take the time to get to know you, learn how you work with money, figure out the best way you learn, identify obstacles you have, help you process unhealthy beliefs, address the root issues behind destructive financial cycles, and give you customized tools that will work for your situation and personality.

During your Discovery Call, we will recommend a basic outline. Within the first few coaching sessions, you will have a Personalized Success Plan with a schedule that works for you.

For example, typical coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and Deep Dives run for 90 minutes. Sessions are held weekly or biweekly, depending on what you need. These set times are mainly for accountability and to help you get traction. You can reach out at any time for additional help. 

We don't sell insurance, investments, or other financial products which allows us to be unbiased and remain focused on what you need.

Our programs highlight education, help process unhealthy mindsets, and encourage healthy habits which all lead to better results in your financial behavior.

Our role is to help you understand the importance of surrounding yourself with wise counsel, answering any questions you may have, discuss options, and have frank conversations about where your choices could lead you. We do not provide advice on products to choose — we arm you with information then you make a decision.

When it comes time to invest or buy insurance, we ensure you know exactly what questions to ask and how to find the right person to take care of those purchases.

Results vary by participant and the effort they put in.

Every person has unique objectives, ideas of success, and specific obstacles they are trying to overcome financially. We believe that it’s far more useful to focus on building a strong foundation when it comes to mindset, behavior, and habits, to ensure consistent, sustainable results.

As a baseline, most of our clients begin feeling a sense of peace as soon as they sign up, experience improvement in their relationships and sleep within 45 days, and report improved psychological well-being after working with us for 3-months.

Many clients who fully implement our programs have reported an improvement of over $600 in cash flow per month, and 94% have an emergency fund established within 45 days.

We work hard to minimize judgement of you and your decisions. In fact, we encourage you to be frank about any negative feelings you encounter — money conversations are notorious for bringing them up. 

Coaching is about moving forward, not beating yourself up over past mistakes. Regret, embarrassment, and guilt are common feelings clients share with us, but our job is to offer solutions that empower and uplift you.

Our role is to listen, educate, assist, highlight options, support, encourage, and challenge you to meet your goals.

Note: The LGBTQI2A+ community deserves honor and respect when getting help with their business and finances, too. We want this to be a safe space for them and are happy to have a conversation to see if we are the right coaches to help. If we are not a good fit, we can draw on our network to make sure they are matched with a coach who is.

What happens in a coaching session, stays in a coaching session.

We also don't collect any sensitive personal data (social security number, bank account info, etc.). We do not share your email or any other contact information with any outside agency, vendor, or partner without your approval.

We use a secure HIPAA compliant portal and encrypted messaging for communication and file storage, which keeps all your work safe from interception.

Every person and every group is different. A short Discovery Call helps us understand you, where you are at, and where you want to be. It's also an opportunity to see if we are the best fit for what you are looking for. Once we gain that understanding, we can outline an effective program for you.

We have a youth & young adults program that can be run for individuals, a group of teenagers, or for families with kids aged 15-17 (older kids will do better with Groundwork).

We have found the best results come when the leaders and parents of these kids understand the language and concepts being taught and have experienced the benefits of financial coaching first-hand. If leaders and parents do not have this experience, we can create an intergenerational learning experience for everyone.

Check out Money Mavericks for details on our kids & family programs.

Steffan Consulting Inc is not identified as a Christian company. The practical skills and tools that are part of our programs are universal and applicable to anyone.

We do have a ministry department, called Biblical Finance, that works specifically with Christ-Centered churches.

Our leaders, Chris and Kathy, are people of strong faith who are trying to live in a way that reflects the character of Jesus. They are happy to share their faith if you ask them to and will honor your preferences if you don’t.

If a client wishes, we can explain Christian beliefs in the teaching as well as provide opportunities for prayer. 

Find out more about Biblical Finance.

Guided Steps to Financial Freedom

We are part of the Accountable Network

This network provides access to a team of the best financial coaches in the world which gives us an endless resource of knowledge and expertise to help navigate anything you can throw our way.

Using the proprietary tools and resources available through the Accountable Network allows our clients to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic coaching that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

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Get ready for a better financial future

— Financial Literacy & Accountability | Business Technology & Design Coaching —


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