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micro-business technology and design coaching

Imagine loving your business and the life it brings

Whether you are launching, stabilizing, or growing your business having an expert in your corner means you don't have to figure out everything on your own.

  • See results faster
  • Refocus on what really matters
  • Gain control of the distractions, chaos, and expenses
  • Set a plan for moving in the right direction for YOU
  • Build solid systems so you have the capacity to sustain growth
  • Ensure your business is a blessing to you and your key relationships

Kathy is compassionate while keeping you accountable. She equips young entrepreneurs to look and function as a successful business. Run your business with confidence, manage your business finances quickly and effectively, prioritize and systematize administrative must-dos. Have your purpose decide your strategies to run a thriving business that gives you life! — Lisa Sretenovic (USA)

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If you are sick of feeling like

  • you will never be ready to launch
  • what's most important is getting neglected
  • you can't pay yourself ... again
  • all your effort isn't paying off
  • you're spinning your wheels
  • you're stuck, frustrated, confused
  • owning a business isn't as fun as you expected
  • success is never going to happen for you

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Gain Confidence and Efficiency

  • Business Set-up and Launch
  • Effective Portal Development and Use
  • SuiteDash and Other Technology Coaching
  • Defining Priorities and Setting Goals
  • Marketing Strategies and Measuring Results
  • Building a Power Team and Growing Your Network
  • Maintaining Personal and Family Wellness
  • Websites, Social Media and Video
  • Confident decision making
  • Profit & Sustainability
"Kathy's expertise in teaching, graphic design, marketing, websites, and technology lets you skip the extra start-up costs often associated with building your business."

About Kathy

Kathy Steffan, financial coach
Kathy Steffan: stewardship coach | technology and design expert

Kathy has been teaching financial literacy since 2016 and has spent thousands of hours developing her skills and creating resources to help her clients really understand how money works and all the areas it influences.

She owned and operated a graphics and web design company for over 20 years, wrote and ran several courses for students, and now owns a coaching and consulting firm. Kathy is a recognized SuiteDash Agency Partner and combines all her technology skills with financial coaching.

Today, she actively coaches individuals, families, and micro-businesses to refocus, gain control, and make a plan that leads them to the success they are really looking for. Kathy is a mentor in the coach training organization, Coach Connections, LLC (an industry leading network of financial coaches that has been around since 2009) and is a key leader in their associated Accountable Network.

Beyond her own resource development, Kathy works collaboratively within the Accountable Network to develop resources, leads the Volunteer Coaching Team, is on the the Accountable portal administration team, and is part of the Accountable Group Coaching team.

Kathy's training and experience allow her clients to move quickly past basic budget and debt reduction conversations to strategic coaching that results in sustainable and transformational growth.

She loves camping, road trips, her husband and three adult kids. She works virtually from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and serves people from all around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Coaching works through your personal finances.

Business Coaching looks specifically at your business.

Even if you are a sole proprietor or have a side-hustle, they need to be separate from your personal finances.

If you are already one of our personal coaching clients, it's a bit faster to get going because we already know that side.

As a business coaching client, Kathy will walk with you as you dig down into your business foundations and decisions to make sure they are lined up with your purpose, are sustainable, and profitable.

Kathy can tap into her own experiences as well as our coaching network to provide deep-dive solutions that provide sustainable results and the accountability you need to make it happen.

Kathy will work with you and your schedule.

The process starts with an initial two-hour Deep Dive session followed by weekly or biweekly coaching sessions. The duration of the coaching sessions are 45-60 minutes, and start 1 week after the deep dive. These set times are mainly for accountability and to help you get traction. You can reach out at any time for additional help.

We continue this pattern for a minimum of 6 months. Once you have mastered the foundations, we'll hold a 30-minute feedback session for you to communicate freely about your progress and the direction you want to take your journey. If any major stakeholders are involved, this is an opportunity for them to give feedback as well.

Our network has a variety of resources that we can utilize. Some of these have an additional fee.

We can package recommended products inside our coaching fee, or clients can purchase them separately on their own if that is the route they want to go.

For any educational program, online course, or supplementary program (whether it's one we suggest or from somewhere else), we will discuss the options with our clients before the purchase is made.

For new business owners or ones who want to clean things up, we usually follow the Business Launch Kit as a guide.

This program gives a strong foundation and we have built a Canadian supplement to cover the differences between countries.

Beyond that, we will move in the direction you want to go based on what matters to you.

There are foundational habits and behaviors everyone needs to master, as well as unique situations and personalities that create a very customized journey with us.

Most coaching is performed virtually via Zoom but if you are local and have trouble with the technology, we could consider meeting in person.

What happens in a coaching session, stays in a coaching session.

We also don't collect any sensitive personal data (social security number, bank account info, etc.). We do not share your email or any other contact information with any outside agency, vendor, or partner without your approval.

For business and technology coaching, we can include access to recordings of your sessions so you can go back and re-watch areas of instruction. These videos are recorded and stored on our local computer. We upload them into a hidden Vimeo Pro folder and connect the links to our portal so they can only be watched if you are logged in under your client account. You will be required to sign a video release form to set up video access.

You need to feel safe in the coaching relationship and we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.

This is a judgment free zone.

Coaching is about moving forward, not beating ourselves up over past mistakes. Regret, embarrassment, and guilt are common feelings clients share with us, but our job is to offer solutions that empower and uplift you.

Our role is to listen, educate, assist, highlight options, support, encourage, and challenge when necessary.

It depends.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of needs.

We request a minimum of 6-months for any clients we coach. This gives us time to walk with you to clean up any messes, establish solid foundations and systems, and then have some fun as you start seeing significant results.

We can look at your specific journey and create a starting timeline during your Discovery Session.

When we meet for your Discovery Session, we will take a look at your numbers and situation. From there, we can develop a plan together to get you the help you need in a way that you can afford.

Business and personal finances are connected so we usually provide a package to cover both personal financial wholeness coaching and business coaching. Discounted options for employees and family members can also be added if desired.